Review Policy

As you all know, I am addicted to reading. As a result, I always LOVE to check out new releases for books by my favorite authors or those that seem interesting. 

My reviews:

I give my honest opinions about a book. I am not biased. I just state what I liked, loved, and did not like. Also, I am not a professional reviewer. I review books because I love sharing my thoughts about books and to let other people find new books to read, perhaps, based on my reviews.

Genre of books that I read:

I'm a lover of YA(young adult). Almost all my books are YA or middle grade, so I accept both of those genres. 
The subgenres I like reading are:
  • Fantasy
  • Historical
  • Dystopian
  • Steampunk
  • Science Fiction

Formats of books:

I accept books that are either hardbacks or paperbacks. I can't accept ebooks because I don't have any e-reader. Also, it is extremely difficult to read a book on a computer screen. 
Also, I am international, I don't have any US/Can address =(.


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