Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Book Review: Galagolia-The Hidden Divination by Dubai Abulhoul


It’s the story Maitha BinHumaid, a ten-year-old Emirati girl living in Deira, Dubai.Growing up, she was told that her mother had died soon after her birth. After the death of her father, Maitha finds a portal
to Galagolia, a new world, and learns that, all along, she had known nothing abouther life and that she has inherited the throne to Galagolia. But can a ten year old really handle that responsibility? Can Maitha handle reuniting with the mother she’s never met? Why was her mother
held captive in Galagolia all this time? Step into the spellbinding fantasy, and self-discovery and join Maitha on her journey of dangers, deception,, and sacrifice.Galagolia is a world you do not want to

I was grateful to know about Galagolia through Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature. Galagolia is written by a fifteen year old author. AMAZING RIGHT? She was inspired by Harry Potter. (Pretty awesome right? Potter fans RULE :P) I met the author and get this book signed. I must say I really enjoyed reading this book as well.

First of all, I have to start my review with the setting:

I loved how Dubai Abulhoul added and was influenced by the Emirati culture throughout the book. You could see Emirates in the book. The people, the culture, everything. This is before the protagonist enters the other world, Galagolia.

The Characters:

Maitha is our main character. She is ten years old. I think Maitha was portrayed very well. She represented an Emirati girl in an accurate way.  Maitha is sometimes annoying with her cheekiness and bossiness toward people, but she is tolerable afterall.

Hamad, Saeed, Meera, and Rashid are Maitha's family. Saeed and Rashid her brothers, Meera her mother, and Hamad her father. Saeed and Rashid don't have much of an appearance throughout the entire book, but they might be important in the future books. Meera and Hamad perfectly portray the parents' love towards their children.

The World:

Galagolia is a very original fantasy world. I loved it. It is full of unique creatures and fantasy elements. I loved the idea of the falcon, horse, and camel.

The necklace was pretty awesome too. I liked the description. The red color. What it did was pretty awesome too.
I also liked how the spells were in Emirati. That was very smart.

The Ending:

The ending was a cliffhanger. I really want to know what happens next.
All in all, great book. Get it if you live in the UAE.


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