Saturday, April 7, 2012

Book Review: The Ring of Wind by Chris Bradford

Book: The Ring of Wind
Series: Young Samurai #7


Ambushed by the Shogun’s samurai, Jack and his friends have only one hope of escape – the Seto sea. But with ferocious storms, man-eating sharks and ninja pirates at every turn, their chosen route is fraught with danger.

A treacherous crew only adds to their problems as they flee south from a ruthless samurai sea lord. Unless Jack can harness the Ring of Wind, he and his friends are destined for a watery grave…

Before I start reviewing this book, I have something to say:

This is a middle-grade book series, but I LOVE them so much even though I am sixteen. This series is a great example that reading doesn't need a specific audience. Yes I agree, children should be careful reading an adult book. For the other way around,though, you are never too old to read a children's book.

Now let us start the review:

The Ring of Wind is the seventh book in the Young Samurai series. This series has greatly evolved since the first three books. If you have followed the series, you can understand what I mean. It's not about Samurai only anymore, but ninjas, and more importantly in this book, PIRATES!
This book is another thrilling adventure. Jack and his friends want to escape being caught, so they use a ship and try to escape. As usual, conflicts get in the way.

I really liked this chapter in the series. It is one of my top 3 books in this series. It was different in a very awesome action-packed way. Chris, I really can understand and feel the effort you've put through writing this series. It is evident through every page. I have to say a HUGE thank you to Chris Bradford for adding the Japanese terms to the series. You can feel the Japanese culture come to life.

This book had lots of twists and turns,VERY unexpected and IMPOSSIBLE things happened. I was like: WHHHHAAATTTTT?? HOW??? HOW COULD THAT BE?? But then, everything is possible with a few explanations.

As usual, there were new characters in this book. There were new friends, new foes. But there's something new about this. This time we had women characters. YES! It was pretty epic and a nice change.
From Jack, Miyuki, Saburo, and Yori we learn the power and importance of frienship. YES, that is a very important thing you learn in life.

By now, I have only one thing to say. I am very attached to this series and the characters. I cannot wait to read the final book
The Ring of Sky, which comes out this August. It is finally the end. Will Jack make it back home? Will he stay in Japan?

I will look forward to new books by Chris Bradford after the end of the Young Samurai series.

That is all. If you have read the previous books, continue the series. If not, start with The Way of the Warrior.


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