Friday, November 25, 2011

Book Review: Ship Breaker by Paolo Bacigalupi

Before I read the book, I read really good reviews on the internet about this book, and the summary of the book seemed pretty promising.
I really thought I'd enjoy this book a lot.

I didn't care much for this book. Let me write the negative and positive aspects of this book.


The point of view. I've always preferred first person over third person, but some books that are narrated in third person are my all-time favorite books. The third person in this book was hard to get into and bored me.

The pacing was bad. About half the book I wanted to get over with the book and I wasn't enjoying chapters at all.

The characters were OVERLY cliched. How many times are we gonna see the same characters over and over again?

The character names. Seriously? Nailer? Nita? TOOL? Yeah I get it, the author tried to be unique, but I couldn't stand these character names at all.

The build-up of the senteces were great. They capture you!

The world building is amazing, makes your imagination go far.

All in all this book was not bad. I might/might not read the next book.



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