Friday, November 25, 2011

Book Review:City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare

I know, I give lots of books 5 stars. This time I am NOT exaggerating. This really deserves the 5 stars. The book is mind-blowing.

First of all, why I liked this more than City of Bones is the characters. I got used to them and cared for them. When I read City of Bones I felt really weird about the character for certain reasons(most important their love relationships), but now I got used to it and find this different than other books.

We are back with the adventure of the Shadowhunters against Valentine. Mmmm Valentine, a character well written that I despise so much.

This time, Cassandra Clare managed to do this to me ":O". There were LOTS of scenes that I did not expect.

The "Mortal Instruments" are quite interesting. I'm very curious about knowing how each functions.

The book is pretty well-written. I also find how Cassandra Clare puts other quotes on the beginning of each part very fascinating.

Read this book EVERYONE, even if you didn't like City of Bones. It's really a great book.



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